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This definition covers a whole of the roles I perform as a professional. I do not know a word in Portuguese that translates all the skills gathered. 'Full stack web developer' is a developer profile that can work not only with programming but also reasonably understand a host of other technologies involved in a system: database, infrastructure, operating system, web server, networks, CSS / HTML, Javascript, apps, etc. I can solve a wide range of problems with this whole stack, and when I need help, I need little instruction from a professional expert in that technology to be able to go it alone. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be an experienced developer to consider yourself a full stack.

Easy setup

With the Z solution everything is easier to configure and control the performance of your website.


One way just to have full control of your online business.

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All relevant networks connected to your website by optimizing their visibility and easy access to users.

Dedicated support

Total dedication to you the support offered for all available technological areas.


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Personal introductions to recommended third-party WordPress consultants

Unlimited VIP Support tickets

First Class troubleshooting.

We manage the software and hardware so you don’t have to

Stay up to date with no extra work

Optimization and security feedback on your site’s theme for a faster and more secure site

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Enterprise-level Akismet spam protection

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Your site running on the WordPress over 2000 servers certified data centers

High traffic? No problem

Hundreds of features and certified plugins available for your site™

Mobile, SEO, social—out of the box!

Unlimited space and bandwidth

As much as you need

24/7 IT support

We keep the servers going

And much more!

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- Ricky Grant


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